The London based design agency February requested a marketing campaign for one of their property development clients. Merchant Quarter is a new waterfront community in the heart of London. The large development of shared ownership houses is situated by the River Thames and Pontoon Docks. Upon completion the development will include two new parks and three new pocket parks. The logo is distinctive to reflect the uniqueness of the development. The branding captures two of the key unique selling points of the community: the parks within the development and the location. The logo combines leaves with a key to represent the many natural aspects associated with the site and the motif of ownership, whilst the pattern reflects the community's waterside location.
This project helped me to develop a greater understanding of how to create a strong brand image that can be applied to multiple outputs. This project also helped me to progress and refine my skills and knowledge of branding and editorial design  two areas of design that I am particularly passionate about pursuing. 
Check out the corresponding pitch document for this project here.

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