The Word & Image project aimed to demonstrate how verbal-textual and graphical elements interact to create meaning in graphic communication. We were free to choose our own topic for our booklet, I selected the Vietnam War, focusing in particular on the response to the Tet Offensive attacks and the strive for peace by Americans at home and in Vietnam. The Tet Offensive in 1968 was a coordinated series of North Vietnamese attacks on more than 100 cities and outposts in South Vietnam over 26 days. The offensive was an attempt to start rebellion among the South Vietnamese population and encourage the United States to scale back its involvement in the Vietnam War. Despite heavy casualties, North Vietnam achieved a strategic victory with the Tet Offensive, as the attacks marked a turning point in the Vietnam War and the beginning of the slow, painful American withdrawal from the region.
Imagery has been chosen to depict the peace efforts made in Vietnam and at home. The colour blue has been chosen to represent, highlight, or frame the motif of peace in each image and to create distinction between the two different pieces of text used in the booklet. The imagery chosen sit alongside President Lyndon B Johnson's speech from the 31st March 1969 that was made in response to the Tet Offensive attacks. His speech outlines the United States’ decision to begin withdrawing American troops from Vietnam and to begin peace talks. Additional text has been used to add further context to certain imagery and to further emphasise the move towards peace.

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